About Us

Bri Nicole's is all about uplifting the curvaceous, full figured matriarchs of the family! We have worked hard to create an online experience for all women to flaunt their curves boldly, effortlessly, and confidently!

Our goal is to bring you the elements of style at the most modest prices as we have looks for every woman and every style. We specialize in electrifying, intriguing, jaw-dropping clothing & accessories that enhances your inner beauty all while satisfying your handbag.

Combined with outstanding customer service, we want to earn your business with quality, unique and handpicked items. In shopping with us, you’re shopping with a friend. Each and every order is greatly appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

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Remember, the first secret to satisfaction is to fall in love with yourself. Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Sassy. Be Fashion because you are enough, Queen!